25th October 2016



Bangalore, India


Hello viewers and welcome again to akarshbvasisht.com.

As I mentioned on my home page this blog will comprise of various kinds of articles but for my very first post I thought it best to first fully introduce myself and give you’ll a little sneak peek into my life.

To begin with I am a student presently in my junior year  or 11th grade in India. I was born here but ended up living in different nooks and corners of the world like Netherlands and Sri Lanka . However, I am now back where my journey began and am looking forward to my good days here. To summarize my life in India in one word I can say -monotonous. As i have struck high school, life here has become much more tedious and literally a lot of sweat has to be broken just to achieve little success. Studies here is probably best described as a rat race. Well I choose to say that because imagine 4 lac people aiming for 10K seats in colleges. “Welcome to India”. So much like many other students I too have taken an alternative easier route which is seeking admission into foreign universities. That’s right I’m a SAT aspirant and am hoping to get into one of the many great universities abroad.

But hey India has many positives as well such as the people, the diverse culture and its preeminent natural features. The people of India are warm in nature and are always ready to extend their arms for offering help.

Moving on, some of my hobbies are to play keyboard and reading books. I am a karate black belt which I received at the age of 10. Apart from this I am a huge sports enthusiast and I play soccer and badminton majorly although I have won no major accolades in sports.

So, that briefly sums up my life in India and as a conclusion I can say that my life here is like a maze but once my path gets clear there’s no stopping me from reaching my destination.


Signing off………Akarsh


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    Nice intro my still lil boy

    Kavitha | 3 years ago Reply

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